Whole Wheat Naan-Restaurant Style

There are restaurants which amazing naans and these are times we wonder what would it take for us to make these at home. The main reason being, most of us do not have tandoor at home, Well, not an issue. On the contrary, you can make much healthier naans at home. Here, I am sharing the recipe which has been a fav with all my folks. Whenever we get together, this one is the most desired preparation. It requires proofing of yeast while making the dough. Please go to my recipe for wheat base pizza base for the dough ingredients’ list: https://fornewcooks.wordpress.com/2015/10/03/thin-crust-whole-wheat-base-pizza-at-home/

Once the dough is ready, please follow these steps for naan:

  1. The dough is ready after proofing for about 30 minutes.


2. Just the way we roll out rotis, roll out an elongated roti, like a naan. You may also make a round one.


3. Heat up a tawa/ pan which does not belong to the ‘non-stick’ range. This is important because we will up-turn it and place the naan on it for cooking. Once the tawa gets heated up, apply some water on the rolled-out naan. This side of the naan goes on the tawa so that it gets stuck on it. Let the naan cook on this side for 2 minutes and then up-turn the tawa so that the naan faces direct flame of the burner. Roast it till the time it gets cooked well.


4. Here is a ready naan.


5. Apply some salted butter on the hot naan.


6. You may cut it in halves or serve just the whole.


Serve it hot with one of your favorite curries!