Quick Tips

Let’s share some tips and tricks for an easy kitchen time. These may be commonly known but I am trying to make the common tips more common!

  1. Peel boiled potatoes with ease: This is first on the list and probably the commonest one. When you are in a rush, this one will definitely help. Once you open the lid of the cooker, take another vessel with cold water in it. Add the hot boiled potatoes in it. This will not only cool down the hot potatoes, but you will notice that they can be peeled much easily as due to the sudden temperature difference, the potato skin comes off much easily.
  2. For ultra-soft Rotis: We usually see people adding oil to wheat flour while kneading the dough, to keep the rotis soft for longer time. Trust me, there is no need at all for the ritual. My mother has been making the softest rotis in the world without a drop of oil or ghee. Only thing you need to follow, is while kneading, try to make the dough as soft as you can and once kneaded, keep the dough aside to rest for at least 5-8 minutes. This is a practice I have been following and the rotis turn out exceptionally well without the oil, of course. However, this is only the 50% of work, the rest relies on the methods of cooking a roti (on tawa or other wise).
  3. Soft and flawless Bread: For making any bread, the dough plays the most important role. As shown in my recipe of breads, once you have mixed in all the ingredients for the the dough knead the dough for at least a 100 times (making forward and backward motions with hands while you knead on a wide platform). This will help the gluten formation in the dough and thus, a recipe for a super-soft bread.

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