Basic Orange Flavored Cake


This is a  basic cake with an Orange flavor to it; not exactly an orange fruit cake. However, I find it interesting to make and share as it is a bit different from the regular vanilla or chocolate cakes. More importantly, this recipe targets simple decoration of a cake for beginners. I’ve shown a simple way to make a cake look good; especially if you are short of time and ideas, this method should work well. Let’s see.

Eggless Banana Bread


Banana Bread is a moist bread, more like a cake. It is a very good snack and also something which is quite filling when you are looking for a quick bite; and of course, is great to taste. With a lot of banana bread recipes with egg, I wanted to try an eggless one for myself as I am a vegetarian (though not strictly vegetarian). Moreover, I try to replace maida (plain flour) with whole wheat where I can. Here, too, I have used whole wheat flour instead of Maida. It barely makes any difference to the taste, in this case at least. Very easy to make and does not require too many ingredients, either. Try it..:)






I just can’t begin to describe how happy it makes me to bake the Shrewsbury. I simply call it the ‘king of cookies’ as I feel nothing beats the taste and it is simply irresistible. From the neighborhood kids, my friends to my family, everyone just loves the Shrewsbury biscuits. Hope you enjoy baking this, too.



Source: Shrewsbury

Apple Pie


For all of you who love desserts and especially apple pies, here is the recipe for the same. The aroma of cinnamon, with an outstanding taste of apples with honey will make it difficult for you to wait for the baking time. It is a super comfort food for me and I can have it any time of the day. This was on my list since long and finally, got a chance. Hope you love it, too!


Whole Wheat Naan-Restaurant Style


Most of us do not have a tandoor at home; but that should not deter us from making those amazing naans at home. My recipe here shows how you can make healthy whole wheat naans at home without putting in much time and efforts. Try this out and you’ll love it. Here’s the link:

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Thin-crust Whole-Wheat Base Pizza at Home


Pizzas are as irresistible as they can be unhealthy. I thought of replacing the key ingredient used in the pizza base; i.e. replacing Maida or Plain flour with whole wheat. This is a very simple recipe which you can try out at home any time; it’s a great snack when you are hosting a party or want to make something healthy for your kids or yourself. With no maida, and loaded with veggies it makes a pizza healthier and great to taste. Here’s the link: