Namkeen pare/ Namakpara or Khurme

These are the salted counterparts of the Shakkarpara, with some minor differences. These go great with tea or milk and are loved by all. One of the goodies made on the occasion of Diwali, these are easy to make and great for a long-time storage.

Maida: 1 cup
Wheat Flour: 1 cup
Ajwain/ Carom seeds: 2 Tsps
Salt to taste
Oil to fry


  1. Add ajwain, salt and 2-3 tsps of oil before starting to knead the dough.


2. Make a tight dough out of it. This is important so that the khurme do not go soft or soggy after frying.


3. Roll out in your favorite shape or simply cut out squares with a knife.


4. Fry in medium hot oil till you get the right color on both the sides.


5. Namakparas are ready to be stored or served!