Basic Orange Flavored Cake

This is a  basic cake with an Orange flavor to it; not exactly an orange fruit cake. However, I find it interesting to make and share as it is a bit different from the regular vanilla or chocolate cakes. More importantly, this recipe targets simple decoration of a cake for beginners. I’ve shown a simple way to make a cake look good; especially if you are short of time and ideas, this method should work well. Let’s see.


For the Cake:
Maida (Plain flour): 120 gms
Orange concentrate: 1 Tsp (I have used Tang, you may use other brands or concentrates)
Orange food color: 2-3 drops
Any Orange soft-drink: 100 ml
Condensed milk: 50 ml
Butter: 2 Tbsp

For the Icing:
Whipped cream: 2 cups
Orange food color: 2 drops

Baking Time: 30 minutes at 180 degrees


  1. In a bowl, beat together the butter, orange  concentrate and condensed milk. Once these are mixed well, add maida  and beat again. Finally add the soft drink. Mix gently and set it off to bake.


2. After 30 minutes, my cake is ready and so am I with my whipped cream.


3. Cut the cake into halves. Prepare a sugar syrup to moisten the cake. Add this syrup over the 2 pieces of the cake, starting with the bottom half of the cake. Remember to place the cake on the plate before you moisten it, otherwise it may break while you lift it up for plating.


4. I have whipped some cream with the orange food color and have spread it as shown on the cake.


5. Place the other half over. You may use a leveler to level the cake and bring it to a desired shape. I chose not to.


6. Finally, the cake is ready with some multi-colored toppings and a maraschino cherry in the center.



Let me know your thoughts about it 🙂


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