Cooking to me is about getting back to my comfort zone where I can be myself and experiment with my favorite ingredients. Everyone has that small space where they find simple joys of life. For me, it’s cooking.
However, I am just not a ‘dal-roti’ person and I dislike monotony, especially when it comes to food. I like venturing into the new food territories and trying out cuisines I haven’t tried before.
More of a home-person, I do not enjoy moving out much.
Cooking for my family and friends makes up for joyous and happy memories which I sincerely cherish. The cooking techniques which I inherited from my mother (who is the most amazing cook I have witnessed) remind me of my colorful childhood and I still go back to her for brownie points for some recipes. Honing those techniques further, to make cooking interesting and cooking to perfection are my goals.
Besides, i love reading and listening to Indian classical music, especially Ghazals. I have some real good friends in life, of which my father, brother and husband top the list. A cute little someone at home keeps me on my toes with different demands each day. That pretty much sums me up! 😀