Ghee Recipe from Malai (Clarified Butter from Cream)

I know this is a common thing we do at home but as this place is also for the new cooks, let us see this recipe which a lot of people are confused and petrified of. I prepare ghee at home on a regular basis; most of us are reluctant to consume the cream which we get from milk after it is boiled. So, I feel the best way is to store this cream or malai of about 10-15 days and then prepare ghee from it. This would not only reduce the dependency on the grocery stores for ghee but also assure us of the purity of something as rich as ghee. Here we go!


Chilled Malai or cream, straight out of the fridge (stored and refrigerated): 1-2 cups –Quantity of the cream varies depending on the type of milk you buy. If it is full cream milk, you should get a lot of cream out of it. If not, then the quantity would be lesser. Also, for preparing ghee, it is better you do not store the malai for over 15-17 days as it may get bitter after that.


  1. Take the cream/ Malai in a big bowl for beating. You may also use hands in absence of a beater, though it may take longer and may even be tedious.


2. I beat this for about 7 minutes on highest speed. The cream starts oozing out milk or liquid which is exactly what we want, and separating butter out. Once this occurs, use hands to separate the butter from this liquid.


3. After this, add some chilled water to the butter to precisely separate the two.


4. This is the milk or the liquid that we have got as a residue. We aren’t going to throw this away, either. This can be used to make mawa (solidified  milk) or in case, something goes wrong and it curdles while you are heating it, you may always get paneer (cottage cheese) out of it. So, either ways, we have another fruitful recipe and just nothing goes wasted here!

Keeping this in another pan to boil. It will take about 15-20 minutes for this quantity to reduce to mawa.


5. Coming back to the ghee. We keep the butter on lowest flame to get clarified butter.




6. At this stage, when your butter has melted completely put a tawa or a heavy-bottom pan underneath the butter-pan. This prevents the ghee from getting burnt. After about 15 minutes, you get the clarified butter which can be strained for further use.


7. Clarified butter is ready!


8. On the other hand, after constant stirring on a low flame, the mawa too is ready! You can use it in any of the sweet dishes or curries or simply add sugar and devour it! 😀