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Gunje/ Karanji/ Gujiya- Diwali Special

This particular snack has been on my list since a while now and finally, I could bring it on. Gunje or Gujiya as it is called in the North of India and Karanji in Maharashtra, is a peculiar and extremely special preparation in all Indian households during the festive season of Diwali. Lets check out.

Gunje/ Karanji/ Gujiya-Diwali Special



Namkeen pare/ Namakpara or Khurme

Source: Namkeen pare/ Namakpara or Khurme


These are the salted counterparts of the Shakkarpara, with some minor differences. These go great with tea or milk and are loved by all. One of the goodies made on the occasion of Diwali, these are easy to make and great for a long-time storage.

Shakkarpare/ Diwali Special Snack

Source: Shakkarpare/ Diwali Special Snack


Yayyy! It’s Diwali and I am super-excited to make all the goodies that go for the prashad for Diwali Puja. There are various snacks and sweets made on Diwali across the country. In my home, we primarily prepare Gunje or Gujiyas, shakkarpare, Namkeen pare or khurme, besan ke laddu and few more sweet dishes. In this recipe, I introduce Shakkarpare. The mildly sweet snack. Crispy and crunchy, great with tea, these are my personal favorite of the season!