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Source: Focaccia

Another delicious and savory bread to go with all times. A great snack, breakfast or even a lunch if teamed with cheese and veggies. You may top it up with your favorite toppings like tomatoes and herbs.


Pav for Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav or Bun Maska


For the Pav-lovers who like to have it for breakfast or evening-snack, make your own at home and enjoy the freshness of it. Team it with a vada or bhaji and you’re done! 😀

Eggless Banana Bread


Banana Bread is a moist bread, more like a cake. It is a very good snack and also something which is quite filling when you are looking for a quick bite; and of course, is great to taste. With a lot of banana bread recipes with egg, I wanted to try an eggless one for myself as I am a vegetarian (though not strictly vegetarian). Moreover, I try to replace maida (plain flour) with whole wheat where I can. Here, too, I have used whole wheat flour instead of Maida. It barely makes any difference to the taste, in this case at least. Very easy to make and does not require too many ingredients, either. Try it..:)

Whole Wheat Naan-Restaurant Style


Most of us do not have a tandoor at home; but that should not deter us from making those amazing naans at home. My recipe here shows how you can make healthy whole wheat naans at home without putting in much time and efforts. Try this out and you’ll love it. Here’s the link:

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Breads are a constant companion of our breakfasts. Why not make it interesting and innovative and break the monotony with the variety of breads shown here. Garlic bread, whole- wheat bread, dinner rolls, pizza bases, white bread or sandwich bread, Focaccia, hot dog buns all make a great family. Watch, learn, bake, make or order. Simple, isn’t it!