Hot and Sweet Tomato Sauce

    1. We need 1 kg of tomatoes.

    1. Next comes 1cup (125 gms) sugar, 1 tsp Garam masala, 1 tsp, dried ginger-and-red-chillies masala, 6-7 garlic cloves and salt to taste. You may also use rock salt instead of the regular salt.

    1. Cut the tomatoes into pieces of 4 or 6.



    1. Heat a sauce-pan or Kadhai and put all tomatoes and the garlic in it. We are looking to heat the tomatoes till they become very soft and start loosing water.



    1. Cover the kadhai once there is some moisture at the bottom; this ensures that the tomatoes don’t stick at the bottom.



    1. We can see the tomatoes coming to a boil. We have not added any extra water as tomatoes loose a lot of water and anyway, we have to reduce water for bringing the sauce to a right consistency.



    1. Once the tomatoes are soft enough, let them cool. After they have cooled down, put them into the mixer jar.


    1. We have to make a fine paste of the boiled tomatoes and garlic.

    1. The mixture should be fine enough to be sieved.

    1. Sieve the mixture till the pulp and the tomato skins get left behind as the residue.

    1. We may use this residue as a part of gravy for another dish. Why waste!?

    1. Halfway through with our sauce, this is the strained mixture, ready to go back on the burner.

    1. Add this to a pan on a medium flame and remember to stir frequently.

    1. Now, we add the dried ginger masala.

    1. The Garam masala follows.

    1. Here’s the salt.

    1. And there we add our sugar.

    1. Keep stirring till it comes to a nice boil.

    1. While stirring, keep checking for the right consistency.

    1. Yuhoo!!! Our Hot and Sweet tomato garlic sauce is ready!!! For preserving, we add either 2 table spoons of Vinegar or we add Sodium Benzoate. Both are easily available.


Hope you found this easy to understand. Thanks for visiting. Smiley face

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