Breakfast time holds a special and important place in the routine of my family. I was never a ‘breakfast person’ in school, as I was a lot in sports which required me to be not-too-full before the practice of volley ball. However, over the years, the importance of breakfast diminished for me, till it was just not there. I was a typical Mumbaikar who just did not want to be late for my college or later, office. The life there was a big rush, which I now find difficult to identify with.

It was only after my marriage and after I met my husband, who was as particular about all his meals as an athlete, I realized what harm I had been doing by skipping breakfast. He would not only take me down through his memory lane comprising of his school life and his friends, but also the way he was particular about his breakfast since his early years. He would go on and I would listen to his tales like a kid with unblinking wide eyes; as if in a disbelief that how could one be so on schedule with his body. 🙂

A liter of water starts his day. An apple and a combination of some almonds, dates and raisins have to be there. This of course is followed by a  breakfast of either idlis, poha, utappam, moong dal chilas , ragi idlis, sprouts bhel or simply cornflakes with milk and honey. Now after these years and having realized the place the breakfast holds for any person, I have now become more conscious about having a proper breakfast.

Not only has he opened the door of healthy mornings for me, but has helped me in trying out new varieties each day of the week. I don’t promise a different breakfast each day but definitely, a healthier format from the previous one. He obviously has his inputs which help me improve. I, therefore, dedicate this page to my husband 🙂

I will be sharing some of my day-starters with you on this page. 😀

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