Apple Pie

So, finally my apple pie is here. I have been longing to make this and put it up on the blog. This is one of my favorite comfort food and gives me immense satisfaction as a baker (though I would certainly place myself in the ‘beginners’ list of bakers).

With a lot of pictures I have tried to depict it in a step-wise manner. Also, again I have replaced maida (plain flour) with whole- wheat and I find, there is barely any difference in the texture of the final outcome. Hopefully, it is helpful and encourages everyone to try this. I have baked it in the oven but want to try this in a pressure cooker for my friends who would not want to use the oven or cannot use it.

Butter: 100 gms
Powdered Sugar: 30 gms
Salt: a pinch
Whole-wheat flour: 2 cups
Chilled water: 50-60 ml
Apple: 1 sliced
Cinnamon: as required for layering
Brown Sugar or White sugar: as required for layering
Honey: as required

Baking Time: 20-25 minutes-200 degrees


  1. With all ingredients on the platform, I am ready to prepare the dough for the pie.


2. In a bowl, mix butter, salt and sugar. Try not to use a beater.


3. Start adding the flour and gently knead with hands using the chilled water. This should give you a tough dough.


4. Roll out the dough in half a centimeter thickness.


5. Prepare the pie tin by greasing it with butter and sprinkling some flour over it. Place the rolled out dough on the tin as shown.


6. Press gently on the edges to cut off the extra edges of the dough. Using a fork, pierce through the base of the pie so that it does not rise while baking.



7. Now, begins my favorite part: Place apple slices as shown. Then sprinkle brown sugar, cinnamon and honey to form a layer as shown. Make multiple such layers. I layered it thrice.


8. From the leftover dough, roll out another sheet and cut out strips as shown.


9. Follow each of these steps closely to  get the basket weave of the pie.




10. Cut of the edges and give a milk-wash to the top of the pie and set it off to bake for 25 minutes.


11. After the baking time is up, get the pie out.


The pie is ready to be served; hot or otherwise, you will love the fragrance of cinnamon and the taste of apples which have now baked to perfection with sugar, cinnamon and honey!


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